“ReBorn” is a fitness App that goes with the UnlimitedHandLite armband.
The arm band is capable of digitising exercise by tracking body and muscle movements during workouts.

 In ReBorn, there are 4 main qualities

Point 1: Digitising body and muscle movement

The armband is embedded with a 14 channel sensor array and movement sensors which allows us to check for optimal posture and movement.

Point 2: AI Trainer guides you towards reaching your fitness goals.

The AI trainer will count your successful repetitions, while guiding you towards performing exercises correctly.

Point 3: Breaking fitness down

The compact armband that weighs at 62g is easy to wear, light to carry. For those with tight schedules who feel that it is difficult to integrate fitness into their lifestyles, ReBorn breaks down fitness into manageable chunks encouraging 10 – 15 sessions of guided training to help reach your fitness goals. ReBorn’s AI trainer also makes personal training available to those who prefer not to train with others.

Point 4: Short Fasting Timer 

Fasting is a way to reset the contents of your body so that you can mindfully shape your body. 

ReBorn’s Short Fasting Timer helps the user keep their food intake in check.